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adult cat large mass on stomach - Taste my Sexy Body - Belly and Tits - Cumshot on Stomach

Jan 07,  · What is an abdominal mass? An abdominal mass is an abnormal collection of tissue within the abdominal cavity. The abdominal cavity is the internal compartment between the chest and pelvis commonly referred to as the belly. Abdominal masses may be large or small, benign or malignant (cancerous), and curable or untreatable. Benign or malignant tumor growth on organs or glands can also lead to an expanded belly. Older cats or unwell cats can lose muscle mass which allows the abdomen to look enlarged. During pregnancy, a female cat’s uterus will expand rapidly.

Aug 07,  · When the cat has abdominal distension due to tumors, the belly area either enlarges or becomes loose and flabby. The tumor is a rigid mass which means the cat's stomach feels hard. We might also see other symptoms such as. Besides the normal cause of pregnancy, enlarged mammary glands can be the sign of a bigger internal issue in the cat. A veterinarian is best at determining the exact cause of the swelling, which will lead to a faster diagnosis and treatment for the cat.

“Abdominal enlargement” is a general term that means a cat’s belly is larger or fuller than usual and bulges beyond the normal outline of the body. “Abdominal distention” is another term that has a similar meaning but often refers to more severe cases of abdominal enlargement. What are some causes of abdominal enlargement? May 17,  · The vet then thought it could be a furball and decided to give him laxatives and an X-ray, which showed a fairly large mass pushing against his stomach and kidney. She suggested it .