more brest feeding #3 funny - adult female brest torture


adult female brest torture - more brest feeding #3 funny

Breast Ripper This next torture device is pretty self-explanatory. The Breast Ripper, or Iron Spider, was used on women who perpetrated unspeakable acts according to society, namely adultery and self-abortion. Made popular in Bavaria, Germany, during the later s, the Breast Ripper did just that: ripped the breasts off of a woman. The breast ripper was an appalling device that caused immense pain in its female victims. The instrument consisted of two large pointed prongs that would, as the title suggests, tear into women’s breasts and rip the tissue clean off of the body. Occasionally, the prongs were heated as well.

A TORTURE gang connected a woman’s breasts to a battery charger before savagely raping and killing her in North Carolina. Victoria Davis's battered body was found in a small, locked shed, naked. Transcript for Scenes of 'sadistic' torture captured on tape Arkady in his camera were present when they unit methodically prepared to torture this. I sheep herder from teenage sons were suspected.

les couvents (the convent), torture of the question, antique french engraved illustrations of les couvents (the convent), - female torture stock illustrations Woman accused of sorcery during Middle Ages tolerates torture without a sign of pain.