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gargoyles goliath magic vampire demons fantasy witch lexington brooklyn gargoyle disney paranormal werewolf broadway angels monsters dragons action romance love Stories Sort by: Hot. The gargoyles and Willow stood in the shadows of the archway leading to the courtyard, watching the events unfold. Xanatos was standing in the center of the courtyard, surrounded my men and women in dark blue uniforms with grey armor and helmets. They all had laser guns pointed straight at him.

The beaked gargoyle said as he perched himself on the stone ledge along with his rookery brothers. "You sleep during the day, I sleep during the night. That is how it works. I will see you all tomorrow night." With that said, the gargoyles took to the sky and the young sorceress headed to her room. Welcome to the Gargoyles Fanfiction Archive. The following pages have been designed to work on a resolution of x If there's any place this does not work please mail me and I'll see to what I can do.

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