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The young giraffe is from to 2 meters ( to ft) tall after birth. Young giraffe. After birth, the giraffe is as tall as an adult human ( meters) ( to ft). It weighs about 50 – 55 kg ( – lb). It can run within several hours after birth. Population. Giraffes are not endangered. The height of an adult female giraffe can reach up to 14 feet and its shoulder height can be up to nine feet. A newborn giraffe, or calf, has an average height of six feet and usually male calves are slightly taller than female calves at birth. A baby giraffe typically grows another six feet during its first year of life.

How Tall Are Giraffes? An adult giraffe ranges between 16 and 20 feet in height, and male giraffes are taller than their female counterparts. The tallest male giraffe measures 20 feet, while their female counterparts measure 16 feet. How Tall Can a Giraffe Get The baby giraffe gets most of its height in the first three years after its birth. They become adult at the age of Four years. If it is male it can get about 18 feet tall and if it is female then it will get about 14 feet tall.