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This is for the Hitman Reborn fans. Also including Adult!Reborn and Adult!Colonello. *adult!Gokudera post? Lololololol fountain of messed up youth only not really. * Did I ever have him try to escape from island a la A VERY LARGE boom, yet? Don't think so??? (and holy fuck that's a messed up sentence right there) *mishaps in daily life stuffs. Or something.

my newest char 10 year Gokudera ai fight and high ougi's. After encountering a woman named Lal Mirch and an adult Yamamoto, Tsuna and Gokudera enter a Vongola base where they meet the missing Reborn. Yamamoto tells them that the Millefiore Family is annihilating every member of the Vongola. When Yamamoto goes to train Tsuna and Gokudera, the base is attacked by Millefiore soldiers. They find the older.

For this fourth edition of "Talents of the Month", I have selected Pre-to, a creator who is quite famous for their outstanding sprite-work and has been active at least since and perhaps. Hayato Gokudera, commonly refered to as Gokudera, is one of the main characters in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. Known for his loyalty to Tsunayoshi Sawada, he is a rebellious and hot-headed delinquent with a passion for the Mafia and the supernatural creatures. He was chosen to be the Tenth Generation Storm Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia.