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You can tell the mood and comfort of your Chameleon by their color which changes with temperature and emotion. Uncle Bill's most popular Chameleon species are the Jackson Chameleon and the Veiled Chameleon. These chameleons can live up to 5 years or more if . Most other species, including Panther Chameleons and Jackson’s Chameleons, grow much slower and, through the 3 to 6 month period, you can continue the feeding of them as much as they want Adult Chameleons: Once a chameleon has reached its adult size it will slow its growth. This is where you will see them gain weight instead of length.

We have a handful of young adult (9 to 12 Months) Jackson’s Chameleons for sale. What an incredible looking chameleon. These are always compared to miniature Triceratops Dinosaurs. The males of this species have 3 horns and the females sometimes have one horn but often are without horns at all. Chameleons. Chameleons are one of the most recognized lizards in the world. Most change colors depending on their mood. They also love to eat insects and other bugs. Different chameleons require slightly different heat gradients, but most are very easy to maintain.

Oct 16,  · The typical Jackson’s chameleon lifespan is around ten years (sometimes longer). However, this lifespan is only attainable by providing them with excellent care over time. Expert Tip: For breeding females this lifespan is often noticeably shorter. Females that have been used for breeding usually only have a lifespan of four to five years. Description: The Jackson’s chameleon is a medium sized chameleon with an adult length of ” (cm). Though smaller and less colorful than other common species they are easily recognized by the male’s three prominent horns, which give them a prehistoric look.