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Most locust life cycles take place over a period of a single year, and happens in 3 stages: egg, nymph, and adult. The adult female burrows a hole in the ground and lays a cluster of 20 – 30 eggs, which are covered in a froth that protects the eggs from diseases and predators. After around 2 weeks, the nymphs hatch. Adult locusts differ more in form than in colour. The solitary phase has shorter wings, longer legs, and a narrower pronotum, or dorsal sclerite (with higher crest and larger head), than the gregarious phase. The adult of the gregarious phase has a more saddle-shaped pronotum, broader shoulders, and longer wings.

In Yemen, locust numbers remain low along the Red Sea coastal plains where scattered adults are maturing and small-scale breeding may occur in localized areas of recent rainfall. In Sudan, adults are forming a few small immature swarms on the southern coast of the Red Sea while small adult groups are forming in adjacent areas of Eritrea. When you want to breed with locusts, it is good to understand its life cycle and development. We can distinguish eight stages in a locusts life cycle: egg – 1st instar hopper – 2nd instar hopper – 3rd instar hopper – 4th instar hopper – 5th instar hopper – fledging – adult mature. Eggs hatch after around 11 days.

At this stage, they will not breed just yet. Pre-Adult Pink Locust, photo by James. Male’s locust that have become sexually mature turn a very bright and vivid yellow like in the picture below. Male Locust, photo by James. Finally, the female locust when sexually mature, turns into a brown/beige color. In the current outbreak, one swarm in Kenya measured 40km by 60km and as many as m locusts can gather in a square kilometre. It is estimated that even a small swarm can devour enough food for.