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Oct 08,  · Adult Protective Services (APS) is a social services program provided by state and local governments serving older adults and adults with disabilities who need assistance because of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or financial exploitation (adult maltreatment). Adults & Seniors. We offer a variety of programs to protect, encourage independence and advocate for frail and vulnerable adults in Michigan. Our programs can assist you with independent living (home help), adult foster care and homes for the aged, adult protective services and support for those dealing with HIV/AIDS.

Adult Protective Services The Department of Social Services is responsible for providing services to elderly and/or disabled adults age 18 and older to prevent abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation. Protective services consist of investigating complaints, assessing service needs, and if appropriate; arranging for services. What’s New in Adult Services APS is a mandated service provided by local social services districts. It involves intake, investigation and assessment of referrals of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of impaired vulnerable adults who live in the community.

Adult Protective Services Adult Protective Services investigators protect vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation by coordinating with mental health, public health, law enforcement, the probate courts, the aging network, community groups and the general public. Guidelines for State Adult Protective Systems, APS supervisors provide case oversight, approval of key decisions, case direction, problem solving, and support and encouragement to the worker (Administration on Community Living, ). Supervisors support the work of APS professionals to improve the safety and quality of life of older adults.