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Stridor is a loud, harsh, high pitched respiratory sound. It may start as low-pitched 'croaking' and progress to high-pitched 'crowing' on more vigorous respiration. It is usually heard on inspiration due to partial obstruction of the airway (usually extrathoracic - that is, in the trachea, larynx or pharynx). Stridor in adults is most commonly caused by the following conditions: an object blocking the airway swelling in your throat or upper airway trauma to the airway, such as a fracture in the neck or.

Stridor is a high-pitched, predominantly inspiratory sound. It is most commonly associated with acute disorders, such as foreign body aspiration, but can be due . Causes of Stridor in Adults Bilateral vocal cord paralysis is a common cause of stridor in adults. It results from a disruption in nerve function in both of the vocal cords—the two small structures in the throat that vibrate and collide to produce sound—leading to vocal cord tissues blocking the airway.

Stridor can be caused by a mass or foreign body in the upper airway, or by laryngeal edema. Laryngeal edema post endotracheal extubation is the most likely cause of stridor in an adult patient in the ICU. Stridor occurs when there is a narrowing of the upper airway, heard on things such as croup, foreign body aspirations, tumors of the upper airway, etc