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These giant inflatable water slide for adult are not overpriced to ensure every type of individual and business consumers can afford them to serve their purposes. The giant inflatable water slide for adult are eco-friendly in nature and are feasible for kids aged above 3 years of age. Starting from slides to roller coasters for kids, everything. The Cutting Edge™ brand of inflatables has been the leading brand of commercial inflatables for nearly 30 years, and is famous for its durability and safety. We have wide selection of commercial inflatable slides and water slides, and we've helped countless customers set .

We provide inflatable water slides for adults for sale from East Inflatables manufacturer, buy inflatable water slide with a great selection from our inventory, we supply commercial grade inflatable water slide with 18oz anti tear vinyl PVC and double reinforced technology: durable and safe. The advantage of us to other cheap inflatable manufacturers are that wholesale price, fast shipping. Inflatable Water Slide Benefits A commercial grade water slide is built to very stringent quality specifications. Accordingly, it will hold up to greater wear and tear than a residential inflatable water park or slide would. Commercial inflatable water slides will stand up to repeated use without requiring repairs or compromising safety.

Our water slides start from 10 feet high and go up to 48 feet. Looking for a theme or certain color? We probably have it and if not we will be happy to get you a custom made water slide. Yes, we even have inflatable water slides for adults; after all, why should the kids have all the fun? We have inflatable slides for your in-ground pool so now. Dec 21,  · One top of the line producer of adult water slides is Tent and Table ( One of the inflatable slides that they offer is the 18′ Double Lane Log Mountain Water slide – wet or Dry Slide. This slide is great because it can be used with water or without. It’s very durable, resists staining, and is incredibly easy to clean.