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Weight Loss Camps and Fitness Camp for Women | Green Mountain. This is a very poplar one week boot camp weight loss retreat that we offer. This weight loss camp is an herbal juicing cleanse and fasting program that achieves up to two/three pound of weight loss per day. This aggressive weight loss boot camp is our signature one week detox and cleanse program! Lose between 12 and 22 lbs in 6 days!

Boutique weight loss camp and live-in fitness program for adults. Guests come from all over the country to get a kick-start towards a healthier life-style. Unite Fitness Retreat is an all-inclusive camp, including all meals, training, massages, life-coaching, and nutritional education. We enjoy the beauty and outdoor recreation in our mountainous location in Salt Lake City, Utah. A COMPLETE WEIGHT LOSS CAMP Live In Fitness is a full-service luxury fitness resort. We use the latest scientific testing to determine the best workout program for you, and we monitor your progress so you lose as much weight as possible-without putting your health at risk. Each guest has their own unique diet plan created by world-class chefs.

Sep 06,  · Structure House is perhaps the most unique program on the list of the best weight loss camps for adults due to its approach to unhealthy weight gain and food issues. Structure Camp’s team is not satisfied with being recognized merely as the best weight loss program for adults. A fitness resort is a vacation destination where travelers go to exercise and lose weight. Sometimes called a “weight loss resort”, “fitness retreat”, “weight loss boot camp”, or “adult fat camp”, fitness resorts around the United States cater to people of all shapes and sizes.