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A subsidiary objective of adult education is to not only educate these adults in the areas they desire but to do so in a manner that creates personal satisfaction. Regarding this goal, Vinson () has noted that surveys of adult education students indicate that they are moderately to well satisfied with the services they receive. THE CONCEPT OF EDUCATION, AIMS, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES. Subscribe or Download. Download the Word Processing Course by Teacher Benard Kakuru.

Adult Education, 26, 2, , Win 76 The terms goals, objectives, and functions are differentiated and classified based on the particular meanings each term represents in the field of education. The importance of understanding the distinctions is by: 2. This is a critical survey of the aims of non vocational education for adults in England. It is based on a survey of the relevant literature and elucidates the main aims which are professed by English adult educators. The logical relationships between goals, the theoretical consistency and the practical difficulties of achieving them are by: 4.

In Adult Education, we strive to prepare students for college or career advancement through high school equivalency and college preparation instructional services. Apr 01,  · The development of the use of objectives is discussed from its origins in the behaviourist school of thought through to the more recent approach adopted by those purporting to embrace the principles of adult education. Implications for the use of objectives in nurse education, and in particular post-basic nurse education, are then by: 7.