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anger management activities for adults - Jokes for adults, episode 6

These anger management worksheets are designed to help you resolve the mental part of anger. Using them can be an important first step in setting yourself free from the burden of unresolved anger. Anger Management Worksheet #1 Letting Go of Anger. Examine the Effects of Anger in Your Life. ANGER MANAGEMENT PLAN. Now that you’ve learned more about anger and how you respond to it, you can develop your own plan for managing your anger. Follow these steps: 1. Set positive goals and a time frame Your goals should address both a specific behavior and your reaction. For example.

Nov 12,  · These are anger management worksheets for adults, although motivated teens might benefit from them as well. To put these anger management worksheets in perspective, think of a zoologist or an exterminator who knows all the variations of the species of spiders. She is able to name the various types of spiders and rate the intensity of the danger.