Leaking juice from my pussy - can condoms leak from base


can condoms leak from base - Leaking juice from my pussy

Sep 25,  · It is likely that the fluid you felt was just from yourself, but it is possible for condoms to leak from the base if the condom is too tight, the reservoir is not left loose, or if you continue to have sex after he ejaculates without switching to a new condom. 0 0. lovergirly I think that the risk of wearing an ill-fitting condom is less "will the semen leak out at the base," and more "oops, the condom slipped entirely off right before I came." I think you need to try another brand/style of condoms.

Condom failure: Condom failure is not common. Condoms fail only 2% of the time. A fresh condom properly used with water based lubricant will provide good protection. Check the expiration date before use. After intercourse you can inspect the condom for holes or tears. If the condom is intact, then you're ok. Sep 30,  · After sex, I noticed that some semen had leaked out of the base of the condom (not from the tip) I noticed that there was also white stuff (maybe cum) on the outside of my vagina but not inside or on it, I wiped it off with my fingers and then went to pee right after sex and wiped around with a tissue and some water.

Feb 08,  · In the future, it’s always a good idea for the guy to pull out and take the condom off after he ejaculates. That’s because the penis goes soft after ejaculation, which makes it harder for the condom to stay on — and really easy for semen to leak out. Emergency contraception is more effective the sooner you take it.