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Play cricket games at Cricket is a bat and ball game where a ball is pitched and hit by a batsman. The field cricket is played on is circular and there are fielding team and batting team with innings. If you enjoy the sport of cricket, you will enjoy this vast collection of cricket games . Our collection of cricket games features jam-packed stadiums, World Cup matches, and realistic umpires. Play against a variety of computer opponents, or challenge your friends in a friendly game. We have all types of baseball-influenced variations, including Gully, table top, and Turbo Pro matches. Step outside and start swinging your wicket!

Some of the most popular versions of the real cricket games that has been presented include Cricket World Cup , India vs Australia, Gully cricket, The Dominator cup, India vs Pakistan, Power cricket T20, Cricket Umpire Decision and World T20 Cricket Champions and no download required. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that is played between two teams of eleven players. At the center of the cricket field is a rectangular yard-long pitch with a wicket (which is made up of three wooden stumps) at each end of the field. One team is designated the batting team, and attempts to score as many runs as possible in their opponent's.

A large collection of IPL Cricket Games at Play Simple and fun. Only tested and carefully selected free IPL Cricket Games. Over 6 games to choose from. Subutteo is best known for football (soccer to us Aussies), but the cricket game is a little gem. Lovingly put together and more beautiful to set up and look at than actually play. Bought one on eBay recently for way too much money, but it was in good nick and had all the bits and pieces, including the wonderful fellows in deck chairs.