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Kimono condoms are known for their ultra thin "Barely There" feeling and top rated for the best sensation! Vegan friendly, no animal/milk proteins. No Parabens or Glycerin in our silicone lubricant! For over 26 years, Kimono condoms meet and exceed International ISO standards for strength & reliability. 5X tested. Approved by FDA, Health Canada. Sep 02,  · Brand/Condom Name Description/Style Size: Length and Width; Kimono MicroThin: Sheer, straight-sided, natural rubber latex: Length: ” Width: ”Author: Annamarya Scaccia.

31 rows · BRAND / NAME: SIZE: BUY: Trojan ENZ Lubricated Width: 51 mm / " . Standard condoms – recommended for a penis between inches in length, or inches in girth (condom girth - inches) Large condoms – recommended for a penis over 7 inches in length, or over 5 inches girth (condom girth + inches).

Buy: Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms: Kimono Maxx: Latex condom that offers 25 percent more headroom and 15 percent more length is easier to put on, comfortable to wear, and has added strength: Width: ″/52 mm. Head Width: ″/ mm. Length: ″/ mm. Buy: Kimono Maxx Condoms: Trojan Magnum Thin. Trojan Magnum. 8 rows · May 21,  · Kimono Condom Sizes 2 Pete Condom size chart Kimono Condoms, which I talked about in the last post, is one of those companies that display their condom sizing on their official website.