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With the spray on condom, a man would insert his erect penis into a spray contraption. He would push a button and the contraption would spray the entire length of the man’s penis with latex. The man would then remove his penis from the contraption and wait minutes for the latex to dry. Discover K-Y condoms, lubes, gels and sprays. Reignite that spark in the bedroom with our range of products, and explore sexual health tips from our blog.

Jul 27,  · The spray-on condom is part of a larger lovers kit that includes a remote control, a "smart bra" and regular condoms. The remote control is albe to change the spray-on condom's "effects, modes and. Jul 29,  · The spray-on condom is the centerpiece in a “lovers’ kit” that Chu one day wants to bring to market. It also includes some traditional condoms in neat packaging, and a remote that Chu hopes will control the condom’s effects and flavors and unclasp a escortxx.xyz: Andres Jauregui.

Aug 13,  · Hence his idea for a spray-on condom. The prototype, which began testing last year, consists of a hard plastic tube with nozzles that spray liquid latex from all .