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Strategy, Well Bermuda. ADULT RESULTS HIGHLIGHTS 12% rated their overall health as fair or poor – improvement from 29% in education level, but were more likely to be: Women (12%) than men (6%) - Aged (14%) 13% reported having diabetes – . Bermuda College for Academic Associate Degree programmes, Professional And Careers Education (P.A.C.E) for Certificate and Diploma programmes), Department of Workforce Development. Continuing Education: Adult Education Centre (GED), C.A.R.E. Computer Services & Learning Centre (GED), Bermuda College for Academic and Associate Degree programmes.

C.A.R.E (Children and Adult Reaching for Children) a computerized educational lab offers a wide variety of programmes: computer assisted instruction, keyboard skills, Christian education, word-processing and employment skills. Approximately 75 students are serviced . The vision for the future of the Division of Professional & Career Education at Bermuda College is to optimize the current courses using a process of evaluation; review the total offerings and confirm that we are realizing the potential in the full scope of all items contained in our PACE offerings.

BERMUDA EDUCATION ACT 22 TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I PRELIMINARY Citation and commencement Interpretation Grants for adult education Transitional and savings Repeal SCHEDULE 1 BOARD OF EDUCATION SCHEDULE 2 Bermuda Public Services Union and two from the Bermuda Union of. Thank you! Designed by Allison Figureido.