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pregnancy and timing of breast tenderness - Best of Breast - Georgina Vol. 3

Early pregnancy breast tenderness is usually much worse during the first pregnancy compared to later pregnancies. This is because normal breast development is not complete until the first pregnancy. Prior to this, breast glands are in a dormant state. Jan 11,  · Implantation usually happens around days after ovulation. This is technically week 3 or 4 of your pregnancy. Implantation causes levels of hCG, estrogen and progesterone to increase rapidly. This sudden hormonal surge can cause your breasts to feel swollen or tender.

Jan 31,  · Tenderness and discomfort Fluctuating hormones cause breast changes during pregnancy. Breast tenderness is often one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. According to the National Institute of Author: Jayne Leonard. Jun 10,  · Ovulation: It is normal for a woman to experience breast tenderness after ovulation, and most of the time breast tenderness after ovulation is due to hormonal changes. During this time, an increase in the hormone progesterone, which is produced by the corpus luteum (the area in the ovary where the egg originated) can cause achy or sore breasts.

Jul 19,  · Breast tenderness can come and go in early pregnancy, and it can leave moms-to-be feeling a little anxious as they track their symptoms. To start, your breast tenderness during pregnancy is caused. During pregnancy, your body undergoes many drastic changes due to hormonal fluctuations. Hence breast tenderness is more intense than during your period. If your tenderness does not wane off even after two weeks, it may be due to pregnancy.